Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How to become merchant?

    Click on the link attached below to find out more information about “How to Become our Merchant”

  2. [Buyer Basic] How do I make a purchase on Topzmall?

    Welcome to eShop. Here we strive to provide our users a various type of product range from different countries. Have a look at the video below to know how to buy on Topzmall.

  3. [Buyer Basic] When will I get my order? What is the delivery lead time for my order?

    To know when will you receive your order, it is important to identify the source and delivery location of the item. The average time needed for an order to reach you is shown as per below under normal condition:

    From Origin DestinationTo Destination
    East MalaysiaWest MalaysiaOverseasWithin Same Country
    Overseas7-25 Days7-25 Days7-25 Days1-7 Days
    East Malaysia1-7 Days1-7 Days7-25 Days
    West Malaysia1-7 Days1-7 Days7-25 Days

  4. [Buyer Basic] Can I change my address after placing an order?

    Yes, You can now change your address if you placed your order while meeting all of the following criteria:
    - Seller has not shipped out your order. 
    - New address does not include higher shipping fee

    However, in the event the seller has already shipped out your order, you will not get the option to change your address. Instead you may either:

    - Contact our Customer Service Team via Chat / Email.

    - Contact Seller for change of address.

    - Pickup the parcel yourself.

    Tips: Should you contact merchant to demand for accurate order status. Amendment can be made by informing merchant the corrected shipping details. Any extra charges imposed in regards to any shipping details amendment shall be bare by the buyer.

  5. [Buyer Basic] Can I get a refund for my cancelled order?
    Yes, you will be able to receive your refund once your cancellation request is approved. If the payment was made using yipps, Topzmall will refund the payment into your Yippi’s Wallet within 24 hours.

    However, if you made the payment using your Online Banking/credit / debit card, the refund will only reflect back in your card within 7-14 working days by standard operating procedure from the banks.

  6. [Return & Refund] My order is completed, can I still raise return/refund request?
    With respect, you will NOT be able to request for any return or refund for any orders that are completed by you clicking on "Order Received" or completed automatically through expiry of Topzmall Guarantee Period (14 working days start from deliver date).

    What you can do next is :
    - For any orders that you did not receive / lost / damaged in transit, you can continue to provide the relevant supporting documents to Topzmall Customer Service to file for claims. This process should be done within 14 days from the day you receiving the order or date of the last tracking status update.

    - For any wrong / incomplete order received, please do contact the seller directly via chat or using the seller's phone number found on parcel's airway bill for claims purposes.

    - Any seller's guarantee / warranty shall be requested directly by chatting with the relevant seller. Do align with the sellers on relevant return shipping fee claims and etc.

  7. [Return & Refund] When will I receive my refund?
    Your refund will be processed within 5-7 working days after your Return/Refund or Cancellation Request Case has been approved.

    If you paid for your order using yipps, your refund will be released to your Yippi’s Wallet within 24 hours after the cancellation request is approved.

    If you pay using online banking / credit / debit card, your payment will be released back to your card within 7-14 working days by standard operating procedure from the banks.

  8. [Return & Refund] Can the seller reject my cancellation request? Can I submit another cancellation request?
    Yes, the seller can reject your cancellation request if the seller has processed the order by updating the tracking number. Once the seller rejects your cancellation request, the order will proceed as per normal.

    If the seller rejected your cancellation request, you are not able to request for cancellation again.

    Once the cancellation request is approved, the refund will be initiated instantly back to you. Time needed for the refund to reflect varies according to the payment method you used to pay for this order. Click the link below for more information regarding “When will I receive my refund?”.

  9. [Return & Refund] What are the conditions for a return refund request?
    You can apply for a return with the following reasons:
    - I did not receive the product(s) (e.g. missing item, parcel lost in transit)
    - I received incomplete product(s) (e.g. incomplete sets, incomplete parts)
    - I received the wrong product(s) (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, different product)
    - I received product(s) with physical damage (e.g. dented, broken, scratched)
    - I received faulty product(s) (e.g. malfunctioned, cannot be used)
    - I received counterfeit product(s)

    Please do note that the seller may dispute your return if he/she disagrees with the reason of cancellation and refund. In such case, Topzmall’s Dispute Team will take over the case and judge based on the proof provided by both parties. Article “What are the supporting documents required for a refund request case?” may be helpful to you for such case.

  10. [Return & Refund] How does Topzmall resolve a dispute?
    Upon receiving a dispute request, Topzmall will investigate the dispute case and based on the proof submitted by both parties, attempt to come to a fair resolution. Topzmall will try to complete the investigation within 5 to 7 working days from the date either party raised the dispute. At the same time, both seller and buyer are advised to keep track of the case via their email in case our dispute agent requires clarification about the proof submitted or additional proof.

    - To understand better on what documents we are looking for, please refer to article “What are the supporting documents required for a refund request case”.

    - Once the case has reached a conclusion, our dispute team will inform both buyer and seller via email about the status of the case. Payment will be released to the buyer if the request for refund is successful. If the request for refund fails, the order will resume which seller will receive the payment once the investigate period is ends.

  11. [Return & Refund] What are the supporting documents required for a refund request case?
    A. Non-Receive Claim
    A non-receive claim is raised against the seller when buyers did not receive the item or received incomplete orders from the case. In such cases, buyers will not need to provide any documents while they raise this case.

    On the other hand, as a seller, you are advised to provide proof as per below to allow us to check with the courier service provider on the current tracking status:
    - Formal shipping proof (i.e. delivery receipt and tracking number if any).
    - Photo of the parcel package / information, including information of delivery company, tracking number, seller’s and buyer’s name, contact number and shipping address.
    - Chat history or any other evidence showing prior negotiation.

    If the item is still in transit, our dispute team will inform the buyer and reject the request. If the item is indeed lost in transit (more than 14 days without any tracking status update for local orders), the buyer will be refunded while our dispute team assist seller to claim for lost parcel if seller shipped with Topzmall’s Consignment Note or advise seller to claim for lost parcel from their courier service provider for parcel shipped with own consignment note. 

    Based on the nature of such claims, the buyer is not satisfied with the item they have received and proceed to request for refund and withheld seller's payout. With that the buyer shall hold responsibility to provide such proof to support their claim in order for our relevant team to check and judge on a case to case basis.

    B. Buyer Received Wrong / Damaged / Malfunctioned Item / Incomplete Order
    Proof that is commonly required for such claim:
    - Pictorial proof (Packaging box damages, physical item damages, consignment note of item received, picture of all item received in the parcel)
    - Video proof (Malfunction item)
    - Chat history or any other evidence showing prior negotiation with the seller
    - Seller agrees with the return request but did not receive the product(s)

    Seller for all request for refund cases should base on the given proof, accept or reject their refund request on a voluntary decision while providing relevant reasoning with proof if they choose to dispute the buyer's claim. In the event where it is not the seller's fault, Topzmall dispute team will assist the seller to request for compensation claim for lost / damaged item in transit if seller shipped with Topzmall’s consignment note. Seller are advised to liaise with the courier service provider for claims if they used their own consignment. 

    Walau bagaimanapun, jika penjual bersetuju dengan permintaan pengembalian untuk kes seperti barang yang salah, mereka dapat memilih untuk menerima pengembalian dana dengan syarat pembeli mengembalikan barang yang salah kepada penjual. Dalam kes sedemikian, beban bukti terletak pada pembeli sahaja. Dokumen sokongan yang mungkin diperlukan daripada pembeli merangkumiHowever, if the seller agrees with the return request for cases such case wrong item, they can choose to accept the refund with condition that buyer return the wrong item to the seller. In such case the burden of proof lies with the buyer only.
    Supporting documents that may be required from the buyer includes: - Formal shipping proof i.e. delivery receipt and tracking number (if any)
    - Photo of the parcel package / information, including information of delivery company, tracking number, seller’s and buyer’s name, contact number, shipping address and postal stamp
    - Chat history or any other evidence showing prior negotiation

    C. Additional Information
    Lost Mail
    Topzmall recommends sending all packages via registered mail to avoid any lost shipments. However, if there is an agreement between both parties to use normal mail, don’t forget to keep your shipping receipt in case of a non-receipt claim.

    Kindly note that any prior agreements will be honored. For instance, if the seller agreed to use registered mail but opted for normal mail instead, the seller will be responsible for the lost mail. The buyer will be refunded the full amount even if the seller can provide valid delivery proof.

    Evidence Quality
    Whether you are the buyer or seller, the quality of your evidence has to be clear. Once a dispute has been raised, you will have 2 days to submit your evidence or the payment will be released to said party. In any case if the evidence collected is not clearly visible, Topzmall will issue a notice to you that it will not be accepted. You will have 2 additional days to provide new evidence or Topzmall will release the payment held in Topzmall’s dispute team.

    Return Shipping Cost
    Since the seller is responsible for returns due to wrong, damaged and/or faulty products, seller must cover the return shipping costs with condition that the buyer provides proof of return consignment note, its receipt and the item is successfully delivered back to the seller. Topzmall will only refund the amount that is held in Topzmall’s dispute team.